26 Feb 2015
how to plan a home addition

If you love your neighbourhood but feel like space is lacking in your current home, a home addition may be the perfect solution. Here’s a step-by-step guide to planning perfect Ottawa home additions: Step 1: Define Your Needs It is important to define your current and future needs when planning a home addition. What are […]

03 Nov 2014

All aspects of a home require upkeep, whether we are talking interior or exteriors. The exterior maintenance includes aesthetic upkeep as well, physical care. It helps to have a November checklist to follow, this way you can make sure all your necessary tasks are completed. We do touch on this subject in last month’s post: […]

14 Oct 2014
Modern basement bar ideas

 As the cooler temperatures approach we often find that our clients are getting away from projects that involve opening up the house or tearing parts down and into fall home renovation projects instead. Naturally under the weather circumstances we find ourselves working within the home much more, whether it be kitchens, whole house renos, basements […]

01 Oct 2014

Welcome to the wonderfully white wonder that is Ottawa. Caring for your home in the cold winter is different from the summertime here.  The days may be less bright, but the bright lights and the gleam in people’s eyes as the holidays approach is something words cannot describe. Perhaps you dislike the cold temperatures and […]