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When renovating a home in Ottawa, there are two very popular main floor layouts from which to choose. The first is more traditional and formal: there are walls delineating the use of spaces, like the entryway, living room, dining room, and kitchen. Each space is treated as separate. The second option is more modern and is becoming increasingly popular: there are fewer (or no) walls so the space appears large and open. Here are five advantages of choosing an open concept design for your home renovations:

All About the View

Walls are opaque surfaces that block the ability of natural sunlight to permeate throughout the home. With many walls on the main floor, some rooms can seem dark and unappealing. In removing the walls, natural light is allowed to reach every space on the main floor, creating a bright and airy feel.

One Large Space

With a traditional home layout, spaces feel tight and cramped. You don’t have much flexibility with the placement of your furniture, being bound by the walls and doorways. Open concept home renovation allow you to create one large and bright space. You have much more freedom to get creative with your furniture arrangement and delineation of space.

Great for Hosting

Open concept designs are preferably for homeowners who like to host parties and entertain guests on a regular basis. It can be a letdown to be cut off from the action while you’re busy in the kitchen preparing. You can join in the conversation and make guests feel more connected when you choose an open concept plan. You deserve to socialize even while hosting.

Watch the Kids

Multitasking is one thing – trying to stir the sauce, watch the boiling water, season the potatoes, and watch the kids in the next room at the next time? That’s quite the feat. Open concept designs allow you to keep an eye on the kids and engage with them while you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Clear sight lines make a big difference.

Show Off the Kitchen with an Open Concept Renovation

Whether you have a freshly renovated kitchen or a stunning kitchen addition, you deserve to show it off to everyone. When your kitchen is closed off, guests feel a bit snoopy trying to sneak a peek at the kitchen around the corner. With an open concept design, all eyes are on your gorgeous modern countertops, cabinets, appliances, lighting, and flooring – and rightly so!

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