Ottawa Basement

Turn Your Basement Into A Comfortable Space

Are you skeptical about the potential of your home’s basement? In older homes especially, low headroom, poor natural light, and a lingering dampness may have rendered your basement a “no-go” zone. Homeowners all throughout the Ottawa area have to deal with so many headaches and problems in the basement, they often give up and abandon the space to random storage. Foundation cracks, water leaks, poor insulation, high humidity, even mould growth and insect infestations are just some of the common problems we come across.

At Holland Homes and Renovations, we understand your family’s needs for an Ottawa basement renovation. We listen to what you’re trying to achieve and work within your budget to bring your basement renovation dreams to life. No matter how cramped, damp, or unlivable your current basement, we have the expertise to plan and execute a stunning custom basement renovation that transforms the form and function of the space.

Trust Ottawa's Basement Renovation Professionals

We understand that basements often feel detached from the rest of the home, and many builders design them to a lower standard. We seek to integrate the feel and flow of the rest of the home into the basement, so it all blends as one seamless and beautiful space. A lack of natural light is another big concern when it comes to turning a basement into a desirable living space. We aim to improve upon natural lighting and supplement it with energy-efficient modern interior lighting if necessary.

If you are looking to make some extra income from your basement renovation, or if you just need some extra living space for a family member, talk to us during your free consultation about the options available to turn your basement space into a fully livable rental or family member suite.

Give us a call for a free consultation on your Ottawa basement renovation options and how we may be able to help. Bring us your vision for your basement space and we will discuss how to make it a reality.

Working With Holland Homes And Renovations

Having served numerous Ottawa homeowners over the years, we’ve been able to create and improve upon a design and construction system that is proven to deliver superior results. From consultation and design to execution and quality control for handover, Holland Homes is well equipped and experienced to build the custom home or home renovation/addition that you desire.

Our Process

We start with an initial consultation. Give us a call or send us an email and let us know what you are looking to do and the vision you have for your project.


A Closer Look

Next, our expert team will take a closer, on-site look at your home or land to perform a more in-depth analysis of the various factors that may influence the work.


Rough Design

After discussing the basics of your renovation or build, we will get to work on some rough designs to get a feeling for how the design and final product will look.


Last Steps

Once we are in agreement on price, design and timelines, we are able to present a working contract for the client to sign and we can get started on the new home project.

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