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Kitchen Cabinets Basics

Renovating your kitchen involves a lot more than just choosing a countertop and a color scheme. When planning your dream kitchen, it is essential to spend some time on the little details that can […]

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Interpreting Your Radon Gas Results

Here are some pointers for interpreting your radon gas results. Testing for radon in your home is a smart way to ensure you are not being exposed to excessive amounts of this dangerous and invisible radioactive gas. The Government of

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Summer Humidity and Hardwood Floors

Humidity and Hardwood Floors can go together, here’s how: With the arrival of summer, many homeowners deal with the heat by either turning on their air conditioners or opening their windows. While cool air and a fresh breeze are welcome

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Waterfall Countertops

A waterfall countertop is usually found on kitchen islands. One of the most sought after features during any kitchen renovation is a kitchen island that really stands out. Providing extra counter space and entertaining space, kitchen island decisions during a

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