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Rather than tooting our own horn, we’d like you to hear from our many satisfied customers about their experience with Holland Homes and Renovations in Ottawa. We’re proud of the reviews, referrals and repeat business we’ve earned over the years.

What Clients Are Saying About Holland Homes

Mitchell Lafrance

I hired Holland Homes to fully renovate a newly purchased 1965 bungalow (that had hardly been touched since being built) and the transformation was…. in a word…. AMAZING!

Holland are big enough to take on large residential jobs and have the attention of suppliers and the trades, but not so big that homeowners feel lost. They provide just that right balance of professionalism and personal touch. At all times I felt heard and listened too, and that we were partners in the project. Achieving this balance can be hard at the best of times, and when you overlay the complexity of a job with the unpredictable impact of covid, and a demanding client with a high attention to detail (which I admit I am), and you still deliver a quality project on time, this is a true testament, which is why I highly recommend Holland Homes without hesitation.

I purchased a 1965 bungalow in October 2021, and after interviewing several companies (not including Holland), I originally hired a different company. I first contracted for a design, and if all went well, the intent was to proceed with construction. While they did a good enough job on the design, there were warning signs that left me uneasy, therefore I made the tough decision to find a new company, realizing and fearing this might set me back months or more.

I spoke to a new group of companies and explained my situation, and this time Holland was part of the group. Robert and team quickly rose to the top and gave me confidence that starting over was in fact the right decision, although they were at all times respectful and never criticized the company I was replacing. It was their empathy of my situation, their responsiveness, and their willingness to work with urgency that made them shine. Most (or all) of the other companies were uneasy with or refused to start with an existing design, and they would not invest much time before I made a firm commitment, but Holland was different. They were ok to start the process with someone else’s design, they were willing to invest time, and they wanted to meet me in person, all differences that set them apart. They made me feel like they wanted to win my business, rather than making me feel like I had to sell them on why they should accept it. I knew from the first meeting that I was likely going to proceed with Holland. After a few additional meetings over several weeks, I signed a contract with Holland in early December 2021. The contract included a full interior “gut job” down to the studs, moving a staircase, removing two stone fireplaces, replacing/adding/patching over all windows and doors, and re-partitioning the house into an entirely new layout. Effectively, it was to be a new house, other than original exterior walls and a recently replaced roof.

Another positive aspect of the Holland team was that they were good about not giving false promises and at managing expectations. They knew I had a move-out date of May 31 from my previous house, and while they said they’d do everything possible to get me in by that date, they also managed expectations by saying it was unlikely because the job was estimated at 6 to 8 months, and would not start before February, and covid-19 was still an unpredictable factor for labour and materials. This meant my move-in date was more realistically targeted for end of July through end of September 2022.

Within weeks of signing, Robert surprised me with good news. They were going to start demolition in late December, a full month+ earlier than planned. I thought to myself…. “Wow, this is starting well, and I really did make the right decision to switch to Holland!”

Reconstruction started late January 2021, and the remainder of the project proceeded with only relatively minor surprises or issues along the way, all of which Holland handled very well. When Covid would create delays, primarily due to unavailability of trades, Robert and Scott would juggle the schedule and continue with other activities. A few surprises arose once the bones of the house were exposed, none of which could have been predicted, but Holland were quick to reassure me with recommendations and only relatively minor change orders.

In the end, I moved into my transformed house in late July 2022, which was the early part of the target schedule, and only slightly over the original budget. We’re now six months later, and I have not encountered any major issues.

Andrea Ashbaugh

Holland Homes and Renovations exceeded my expectations. Renovations always come the surprises. Rob and his team were always clear and upfront about costs and most importantly were clear from the start at informing me where I might expect unanticipated costs and provided a variety of options to choose from when issues did arise. It was truly a collaborative and personalized experience working with them in developing a creative and stunning space that met my needs and aesthetic vision. I would not hesitate recommending them!


We hired Holland Renovations to do a large-scale addition and renovation to our small Manor Park home. In all aspects of our experience, from quality, to price, to customer service, we found them to be outstanding.Robert Breau is an exceptional manager and was able to coordinate work on the project with various subcontractors very efficiently. Throughout the process he was organized and attentive to us, always responding to questions patiently and even making himself available to meet on weekends and evenings to suit our schedule. When issues arose, he was calm and reasonable to work with. Above all, we had the sense every step of the way that his number one priority was to make sure that we were happy with our new house. We were extremely impressed with Scott and his crew, who work long hours and take pride in doing their job well. We never felt that we had to “keep tabs” on them or push them to keep up the pace.

When we began the process of looking for a contractor, we interviewed and accepted bids from five companies. Holland came in significantly lower in price than most of the other companies, including Ottawa General Contractors (OGC). When issues came up requiring a change order during the project, Rob went to great lengths to research as many options as possible for us so that we could choose one that was cost-effective and met our needs. Holland has executed our plans beautifully and we are thrilled with the finished product. We recommend them highly to anyone considering a home renovation.

mario & nancy

Last year, Nancy and I decided to add to our home. What started with a simple garage addition, ended with not only the garage we wanted but a beautiful upgrade to the exterior of our house and the creation of a useful patio/backyard area.

Rob and Scott always took the time to listen and address any questions. Mark and Alex were incredible workers and their work ethic is nothing but admirable. In fact, the crew was entrusted without any concerns with our home while we were at work. We would have no hesitation recommending Holland Homes & Renovations (and have done so on a number of occasions). We are very satisfied with the end result!

P. Rackus

We interviewed dozens of contractors as we planned a significant addition and large scale remodel to our nearly one hundred year old Westboro home - and every day that the project continued we became happier and happier with our decision to engage Holland Homes and Renovations. Whether it was the day that live knob and tube wiring was found buried in our walls or the day we learned that a previous renovation had simply decided that minor details like 'header beams' could be ignored as they ripped out walls, the calm confidence of the Holland team kept my wife and I from any number of anxiety attacks. The results? Spectacular. The project? On time (despite Covid related supply chain issues). The budget? As expected. I don't often provide recommendations - but I whole heartedly recommend Holland Homes to anyone planning their own major project. .

David H. Hill, C.M., Q.C.

I would recommend Holland Homes & Renovations extremely highly. The company completed a relatively small renovation for me. It came in at exactly the cost quoted and better than ‘on time’ – before time. The quality of the work was exceptional. I was super impressed with the quality of the staff – they were polite, considerate, careful and completely respected and protected our property. No detail was too small to attend to. The owner regularly dropped by to make sure the project was progressing as planned – and to our satisfaction. This firm is a top notch renovator and completely reliable. It was a pleasure to work with Holland for my project.

Brian & Karla

Holland Homes and Renovations renovated our basement during the fall of 2017. The basement was in dire need of updating; it was outdated and unwelcoming, and, as a result, we rarely used the space. Scott, and the rest of the Holland team, transformed our basement into a great living area that is now bright and warm. Throughout the construction process, we valued the constant and clear line of communication we had with Scott and the team regarding the progress of the project. The team, or subcontractors, were on site daily allowing for the work to proceed on schedule. We were equally pleased with the quality of the work and their desire to ensure it was done properly. We would certainly have Holland Homes and Renovations back again for any future renovations, and, would recommend them to others.


Right from the start Holland Renovations was a pleasure to work with. As our first major project we really appreciated their input, candor and expertise. They listened to what we wanted, had vision, experience and local housing knowledge to know what would work in an old Ottawa home.

The project team was incredibly hard-working, diligent and worked to a high standard. They were quick to respond to any questions or concerns that we had along the way and were always upbeat, friendly and professional.

Holland Renovations adds a personal touch to their projects. We are still in awe of how they have transformed our basement and would gladly have them back for any future project.

roy smith

I would like to express my gratitude to the people at Holland Renovations for their excellent work renovating my kitchen. They were reliable, and always made sure that I was completely satisfied with the job while it was in progress. I would highly recommend them to all.

Mark Scrivens & Mala Khann

Holland Homes did an exceptional job with our basement renovation from start to finish. Right from the very beginning, we were impressed with Rob and Scott’s approach. They were always clear about what they could do and how much it would cost. Rob and Scott are both easy to work with — attentive, responsive, organized, honest, and upfront. They have excellent tradespeople who take pride in their work. We now have exactly the basement we were hoping for, and it came in at a reasonable price point. We have Holland Homes to thank.

Margaret Lee

I purchased a bungalow but after living in it for a few years, I realized that I needed more space. I knew that I wanted to live in the same area. I had to decide between selling the house & buying a bigger one, or renovate the one I had. After careful consideration and discussions with Holland Homes, I chose to renovate. Holland Homes was fantastic, from start to finish. The roof was taken off and the second floor was framed and a new roof was put on within a week! I could not believe how skilled and quick they were. The full reno included redesigning the first floor to remove the bedrooms and study, and to add the staircase. This meant there was space for my dream kitchen and a dining room that would have just enough separation from the other areas in the open plan first floor. Holland Homes also designed my 2nd floor, taking into account my wish list, including a laundry room, study, main bath, and multiple bedrooms with ensuites and a master walk-in closet. The reno started just before COVID. Holland Homes continued to work through the tough times (stopping only when lockdowns were in place) and were able to complete the entire renovation successfully. I am so happy that I am now in my beautiful home. Thank you to Robert and Scott, and all their crew.

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Jason & Lori

We used Holland renovations for our basement renovation after investigating several contractors in the city. In the end, the proposal by Holland was competitive and the company had a great reputation. We particularly liked how honest and up-front Robert was and the fact that his company would take care of all the paperwork including drawings and permits. Robert presented this as non-negotiable whereas other contractors did not want to handle the administration and one even said we did not need any permits; which is against building code in the City of Ottawa. Holland Renovations provided us with copies of all the drawings and permits for our own files.My wife and I have been in our home for ten years and plan on staying for a long time as we watch our family grow. This was the first big renovation for us and we were quite nervous about it.

Robert and Scott were quite good at putting us at ease. Once we explained what we wanted done, Robert guided us through options and helped us make choices, which is something that was on going throughout the project. Even though we had a contract in place, they were quite flexible in making some modifications as things came up and my wife and I began flooding them with “good ideas.” In this case, Scott managed the construction phase and was quite good at managing our expectations. In some cases, we would have a good idea and he would go with it and in others he would discourage us because of things we did not know about. Also, we were given options that we did not think about that made a huge difference in the end. Scott was fantastic at maximizing the space he had to work with and both Robert and Scott recommended large windows be put in to add natural light. This turned out to be a game-changer as the addition of the large egress windows now makes our basement feel like our living room.

Scott worked hard to keep the project on track and stayed in constant communication daily about progress or setbacks while managing his crew and the various tradesmen and inspectors that came through throughout the various phases of the project. His crew was professional, courteous and helpful in answering our questions along the way. Above and beyond this, the crew took precautions to minimize the amount of dust and disruption that the renovation would have over the course of the project by putting up dust barriers and drop sheets where needed. In the end, our basement renovation turned out better than our best expectations and was completed on time. I would highly recommend Holland renovations.


Our renovation project consisted of a complete renovation of our house. This included knocking down structural walls to create an open-concept main floor (included moving duct work and electrical), adding an ensuite bathroom, moving the kitchen, installing new flooring (hardwood and tiles), installing a gas fireplace, new HVAC units, new roof, new windows, spray foam insulation, updating bathrooms.

Right from the start, Rob showed that he was very knowledgeable and attentive to our needs. Before we even signed a contract with his company, he drafted design ideas for our house.

There were many aspects to this renovation project and Rob & Scott managed all of them in an organized and efficient manner. During the project, we encountered different challenges and Rob took great care to find solutions to them. Rob is very analytical and resourceful, ensuring that we found the best solutions. We are very detailed-oriented and Rob & Scott always responded to our questions/ comments immediately. Rob was available around the clock to communicate or meet with us. Scott and his team have great workmanship and make sure to do things right. It is obvious that Rob & Scott are passionate about their jobs and they truly care about their work and their clients. A major renovation project can be stressful but Holland Renovations ensures that everything is taken care. We do not hesitate to recommend Holland Renovations and we will use them in future projects.

Gill & Nick

Robert and Scott of Holland homes more than exceeded our expectations. From the beginning they were punctual, honest, and very easy to work with. Before commencing construction in our basement we sought 3 separate quotes. Holland homes quote fell in the middle, but with the references they provided and the work that we saw, we feel that they provided superior results.

They built a beautiful apartment in our basement that required not only a very distinct knowledge but also an experienced skill set. We feel confident that all aspects of the dwelling unit are safe and more than meet code. The team was on time, kept a clean workspace and were more than happy to say hi. One of the perks of working with the Holland team is that you have total control over the finishings and other elements of the project. Rather than be told what types of supplies we “had” to use, both Rob and Scott took the time to outline the pros and cons of various products and options and we felt that we were equipped to make the best decisions possible that fit our space, our budget and our needs.

Not only did they take care of all aspects of construction, but they consistently made sure that the job was seamless by limiting the impact on our daily life and addressed all concerns. It was a pleasure to work with a local team that made themselves available not because they had to, but because they truly care about the end result and your satisfaction. We look forward to working with Holland Homes and their team of experts in our future projects and would highly recommend them to anyone considering taking on a challenging project.

Robert from Ottawa

When I give a rating of EXCELLENT, it means that this provider performed way beyond my expectations. I am a very particular client. I know this, and hear it constantly from providers. I know what I want and I expect the best. I really do not like to settle for less. Robert, of Holland Renovations, met or exceeded all of my expectations and strived to ensure that all of the little details were taken care of. He is extremely good at returning his calls. In his line of work, this is rare. As the owner of the property, I expect the contractor to take all of my calls, and return any messages promptly. He always did, which is to his credit. If you are doing a renovation and demand excellent work, then I would highly recommend Robert and his team.

Emma from Ottawa

Robert built our home and we subsequently hired him to finish the basement. Rob communicates well, always does what he says he will do, and was always ready to answer questions and address any concerns.All required permits were procured and we received lots of good advice from Rob throughout the transformation of the basement into a fantastic games room and family area. His sub-contractors were all skilled and professional tradespeople and all work was finished to extremely high standards. We would definitely work with him again.

David from Kanata

Our basement renovation goal was to have the largest room possible to give us maximum flexibility in use. Other contractors proposed a series of small rooms or a single weird shaped room because of challenges posed by low ducts placed in odd locations. It felt like building codes were restricting their creativity.

Holland Homes & Renovations gave us the big room we wanted and minimized the duct work without compromising our space. They listened to what we wanted and proposed workable solutions. Best of all, the work met the building code that the other contractors were using as excuses! During construction there were the inevitable change discussions as we added features like a fireplace. Scott, Rob, and the whole crew always listened closely to what we wanted and provided great suggestions. The best part of hiring Holland was they listened to us and defended our interests! We are very happy with the end result and look forward to using the space with our family. If you are getting basement renovation quotes Holland Home Renovations should be on your list.


I recently purchased an older home that looked great and seemed to have no major problems. There was one area of the house I knew I wanted to renovate right away—the basement. I wanted to dedicate the entire basement as a complete guest suite that would provide a healthy, comfortable, and safe environment.The initial renovation involved creating legal egress for the basement bedroom for safety, pouring concrete to create a floor, adding insulation and putting up drywall in the unfinished part of the basement, and to replace the carpet with a subfloor & hardwood. Rob and Scott came to investigate the basement and determined that it would be possible to gain more height in the basement by digging down a few inches—without compromising the existing structure. This was great news.

As this is an older home, there were unexpected issues that were discovered. Some examples were:

- The plumbing in the basement was not functioning adequately. They were able to work with their team of professionals to diagnose the problems and provide solutions up to today’s standards.
- The basement was still cold even when the unfinished area had insulation added. They discovered that the original insulation in the finished area had mold, and had disintegrated so much that it provided little to no insulation. They replaced the insulation using waterproof material so that there would be no problem with mold in the future.

After observing the care and quality done on the basement, I decided to ask Rob & Scott to tackle the complete renovation of the main bathroom. They came up with a clever solution to fit a new shower in the existing space without requiring a major structural change to the external wall.

Throughout the renovations, Rob and Scott listened to my requests and answered my questions. They provided their opinions as to whether my requests would be beneficial, and in some cases, they gave alternate suggestions that resulted in lower costs and better functionality. They are constantly thinking about what is best for me in my situation. They have a team of professional tradespeople that provided excellent quality. The major renovations are now complete; and as I settle into the house it’s good to know that Holland will continue to be there if new issues arise.

Karen and Keith

After meeting with several contractors and getting a few quotes, it was clear to us that Holland Homes was the company for us. Robert was honest, straightforward and entirely responsive to our budget, questions and concerns. Scott and his team were skilled, hard working and very pleasant. Because ours is an old home, and because we had several suppliers outfitting our new custom kitchen, we had a few glitches along the way. However, what impressed us most is that Robert and Scott worked with us and through everyone of them. The end result is that our new kitchen, bathroom and family room are absolutely stunning and we are enjoying them tremendously!

Michael from Ottawa

Holland Renovations has done many jobs my client’s homes and my own. I own a property management company have gone through a number of different contractors trying to find a company that is trustworthy, honest and reliable. I have found all of the things I’m looking for in Holland Renovations and more. Not only is the quality of work outstanding; the clean, efficient and safe work sites are a pleasant change. I would highly recommend Holland Renovations for any renovation project – big or small.

L Wood

Holland Homes came very highly recommended and did a superb job listening to what we wanted and translating that into an addition and renovation of our existing home that works for our family. The workmanship, both inside and outside our home, is beautiful, functional and was completed on-time and within scope. In addition, Rob and Scott continually make themselves available to answer questions and routinely stop by to make sure we are still happy and everything is functioning as expected. We highly recommend Holland Homes and look forward to working with them again in the future when we renovate our third level.

Nancy Zannie & Dean Rhynold, Kanata

We chose Holland Renovations for the addition to our home for two big reasons; their quick response times and the willingness to work within our budget. Robert took care of everything, permits, designs, communication on the budget and project plan. When there were Change Requests within the scope of work, it was always drawn up, properly quoted and signed off. Scott and the crew not only worked very hard but were awesome guys to have around. Always very pleasant and willing to explain anything we requested, with patience and in detail. The final results of our addition was exactly what we envisioned. Holland was always pleasant to deal with and extremely responsive. We recommend Holland Renovations for any home renovation

Ed Preston

This summer I had Holland Homes and Renovations build a large free-standing garage on my property in SE Ottawa. I had little to do other than monitor the project as Holland expeditiously handled all aspects: cement pad and building design, permit, engineers, inspections etc. and I was always kept informed as to expected arrival of materials and work crews and the project stages. Any queries I lett by phone or email were promptly answered and Rob Breau lived up to his excellent reputation in this regard. I found the Holland construction crew to be a very pleasant group of individuals and I am very pleased with the fine building they produced.

Randy from Ottawa

Holland did a large renovation for me last year, completely gutting a duplex and re-building a beautiful two level apt. Scott was an amazing craftsman and is highly skilled, Marc’s finishing and attention to detail wrapped up the job very neatly. Thanks Rob and Holland Renovations.

Angela Power

I want to send this letter to acknowledge that you were extremely accommodating for us when we purchased our home in Ottawa, Ontario. We were very pleased with your services and ability to address any requests or concerns we had. For example, you were able to meet and exceed our expectations prior to our house closing and when we had ongoing requests and/or inspection matters, such as inserting a fireplace mantel or fixing scratches in the paint in the upstairs hallway. Overall, you were always prompt in resolving matters for us and we would utilize your services and choose you to build another home for us at any point in time. Perhaps a trip to NL in the near future is in order…

Ric Glowienka

Rob and the team at Holland Homes were the ideal choice for our kitchen renovation. Rob is meticulous, and he prepared a cost estimate for the kitchen tear down, fireplace removal, electrical, drywall, ceiling refinish, plumbing, gas line installation, floor rehabilitation and refinishing, and backsplash installation. They were very respectful of the fact that we work from home, they kept noise and mess to a reasonable level, and were thorough in their clean-up prior to leaving. We are absolutely thrilled with the results of our project, and we would recommend Holland Homes and Renovations to anyone looking for a quality result.

Donna Warwick

This summer we had the team from Holland Homes add a mudroom to our home. From start to finish, the process was professional and straightforward. We discussed our plan with Rob Breau and his foreman Scott and they guided us through the project step by step… The entire team from Holland Homes showed exceptional professionalism and attention to detail. We felt that our small mudroom was given the same attention as a much larger project. We would not hesitate to highly recommend Holland Homes for your next project.

Amanda from Ottawa

As a Realtor, communication is paramount to me. This is what I valued most in dealing with Holland Renovations (Rob and Scott) last summer. From the very first moments, through the design, permits, subs and at every step of the process they were with me, answering my many questions, patient with my concerns, getting me information and keeping me updated and informed on the workings of a large renovation. They were genuinely interested in exactly what I wanted and were quick to share their experience and welcomed my ideas. Their workers were polite, and respectful and we can say after it was all over that we were really pleased with the result and love our new addition.

Trisha from Ottawa

From start to finish, we had a very positive experience with Holland Renovations. The company set the tone when they arrived to our estimate with measuring tapes in hand. Owner Rob Breau won the bid because he truly listened to what we wanted to achieve in our unfinished basement – waterproofing, insulation, a three-piece bathroom, and a gorgeous finish – all within a strict budget. Shortly after that first meeting, Rob’s designer measured and drew up plans. Rob’s business partner, Scott, and his crew began work within the month. What followed was a very positive working relationship. Holland finished the work on time and on budget. Best of all, they transformed our damp unfinished basement into a cozy kids’ rec room and guest suite in under two months. Rob attended our every need throughout the process and made himself available with each question that arose. For anyone looking to do a renovation, I would highly recommend Holland. They executed a budget-wise and beautiful renovation – a rarity in todays market.

Donna & Mike, Kanata

Last year my husband and I decided to proceed with the addition of a mudroom. It was a project that we had wanted to have done for some time but had just kept putting it off. To celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary, we finally decided it was time to embark on our first professional renovation to our home. For this project, we retained the services of Holland Homes & Renovations. Right from the very start, our experience was exceptional. Rob Breau and his team guided us through the process and the resulting structure surpassed our expectations..meeting all of our functional and budgetary objectives that were set before the project got underway. Given that we were so pleased with this addition, we set our sights a bit higher. We had an existing screened porch that we had enjoyed for many years. However, it was reaching the end of its lifespan and was in need of repair to remain useful. Knowing how much value our new mudroom added to the functionality and enjoyment of our home, we met with Rob and his foreman Scott to discuss the option of creating a permanent room to replace the porch.

The finished product is something we are very proud of, we have great views of our gardens and property and it is warmed by a beautiful wood stove. We look forward to many years of enjoyment and entertaining. Our initial experience with Holland Homes & Renovations was so successful that we decided to undertake a project that we previously would never have considered. Our new home addition is fantastic and it looks like it has always been there. It was meant to be! I would wholeheartedly recommend Holland Homes & Renovations.

Jessica Brando

Our experience with Holland Renovations was the definition of a great business partnership. We came to them with an idea, and throughout the process, we were continuously impressed with the team’s ability to improve and adapt out design. They were great at ensuring that the work moved along at an optimal speed, and that the trades were well coordinated. Any time concerns arose, they were addressed immediately, and to our satisfaction. Undertaking major renovations is often a cause of upheaval and stress…luckily for us, that wasn’t the case with Holland Renovations. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to friends and family…we’re thrilled with the finished product!


We had a great experience with Holland when they built a large addition at our home. Robert and Scott were always available to answer questions and to come up with creative solutions to some of the inevitable issues that come up when renovating an older home. Most importantly, the project came in on time and on budget and we are very happy with the result! I would not hesitate to recommend Holland.