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Spring Maintenance for Your Home

It’s the time of year to think about some spring maintenance for your home.  With the cold weather slowly starting to fade away in Ottawa, it is a good idea to revisit the top priorities for your home in the

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Identifying Your Structural Walls

Structural walls bear the load of your home and support weight, including trusses, upper level floors and the roof.  With the popularity of open-concept renovations in Ottawa, it is essential to understand which walls in your home are load-bearing prior

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Setting Up Your Radon Home Test Kit

Since radon is invisible and does not have any smell or taste, the only way to measure its levels is by using a Radon home test kit. High levels of radon in the home can be hazardous for occupants over

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About Radon Gas in Your Home

In this post, we will look at some of the basics of radon gas in your home and how you can manage the amount you are exposed to. Awareness of the effects of radon exposure on homeowners is becoming more

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