Kitchen Cabinets Basics

Renovating your kitchen involves a lot more than just choosing a countertop and a color scheme. When planning your dream kitchen, it is essential to spend some time on the little details that can […]

Interpreting Your Radon Gas Results

Here are some pointers for interpreting your radon gas results. Testing for radon in your home is a smart way to ensure you are not being exposed to excessive amounts of this dangerous and invisible radioactive gas. The Government of Canada also recommends that every home should be tested. If you have purchased and set […]

Surprise: Home Renovation Set-Backs

When performing the work required for home renovations and home additions in Ottawa, there are frequently issues that can arise once the project starts that were not known during the initial design phase and consultation. The general rule that we try to remember when preparing for a home renovation or addition with our clients is […]

Windows for Your Home Renovation

Windows are a focal point of every home in terms of style and function. Not only does the style of window affect the overall look of your home, but it also changes factors such as ventilation, energy efficiency and maintenance. There is a surprisingly large amount of window types to choose from when building or […]

PEX Pipes vs Copper Pipes for Your Home Renovation

Most people know that copper has been the standard choice for water piping in homes for many years. However, if you haven’t been faced with a home renovation or construction decision for some time, you may not know that there is a new, cheaper alternative available: PEX pipes. There are several reasons why PEX is […]

The Complications of Mold in Your Home Renovation

One of the hidden and dangerous complications often encountered during a home renovation is the discovery of mold. It might surprise some homeowners to learn that mold poses an equally toxic danger as asbestos when you are opening up your walls and ceiling during renovation. Regardless of the age or location of the home, wherever there […]