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Coach homes have arrived in Ottawa to much interest by homeowners who are looking to make more living space on their property. With some of these new types of dwelling starting to appear around Ottawa, you may have some questions about what exactly coach houses are and if they are a good option for seniors.

Let’s take a look at some of the basics of coach houses in Ottawa so you can determine if they are the right fit for your property and for family members who may be looking at new living arrangements during retirement.

Why build a coach house in Ottawa?

Coach houses offer a detached, separate building where you can house tenants, in-laws, older family members or older kids who still want to live at home. They can also be used simply as recreation places or offices, extending the living space available on your property.

One of the key benefits of coach houses is that they offer proximity but also privacy. In other words, you can have people living on your property close to you, but in a detached building that is separate from your main residence. For family members that want to stay close but not impede too closely on your daily space, coach homes are a great living space solution.

Why are coach homes a great option for seniors?

Canada is looking at an aging population that will require new accommodation options in the next several years. In fact, coach homes have come to Ottawa thanks to the 2011 Strong Communities Through Affordable Housing Act in Ontario which was put in place to increase the options available for housing inside of Ontario cities.

While there are many options for senior accommodation, including improving accessibility of their existing homes through renovation, renovating a family member’s home to bring them in to an in-law suite, or moving to a retirement residence, none of these offer the privacy and proximity of a coach home.

Retirement residences are a popular option, but they can be expensive and removed from the presence of family members. In-law suites are also a good option, but they lack in privacy as it involves bringing new family members into the main residence with you.

This is where coach homes really start to make sense. Not only will they increase your property value, but they will allow you to bring older family members onto your property while maintaining privacy as the coach home is a separate building from the main home.

Can coach homes be equipped with accessibility features for seniors?

Another great feature of coach homes is that they can be designed with accessibility in mind. If you are planning to house seniors in your coach home, consider features such as larger door openings and safety grab bars during the design phase. Also, note that the majority of coach homes are single storey without the need for stairs and this is great to provide all of the services and living space seniors need on one floor only.

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