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You deserve a kitchen that has everything you could imagine – space to prepare, cook, entertain, and simultaneously make your house feel vibrant yet homey. Consider all of these factors when it comes time to design your dream kitchen:


It is important to think not only of the daily space requirements for you and your family, but also to keep holidays and hosting in mind. While a tight kitchen might be satisfactory for a standard Tuesday morning, you also need a kitchen that can impress the in-laws as you play host over the holidays. You can renovate and reconfigure your kitchen to maximize the use of space. If your current home simply doesn’t have the space to accommodate your needs, a home addition can be the perfect option.


Some people prefer to eat in a dining room or separate eating area, but eat-in kitchens are coming back in style in a big way. Turning your kitchen into a dual-use space for both cooking and eating is ideal these days. If your dream kitchen includes an eat-in element, some popular options include a classy breakfast bar, cozy circle table, a comfortable breakfast nook, or a custom plush banquette.


We can worry about style and esthetics later, but your dream kitchen needs to be functional above all. There are many floor plans that are both functional and attractive, allowing you to whip up amazing meals without ever feeling cramped or lacking in countertop space. Especially if you want to fit countertop appliances like an espresso machine and a state-of-the-art blender, you’re going to need plenty of room with which to work. You can choose from function kitchen floorplans like L-shape, G-shape with a peninsula, or opt for a design with an island.


You can really let your personality shine when it comes to picking finishes for your kitchen remodel. While many styles look incredible, white or dark wood cabinets or light bamboo flooring versus elegant slate tiles offers two completely different looks. There are no bad options here; you just need to weight the balance between cost, durability, and appearance.


When it comes to designing your dream kitchen, it can be easy to ignore lighting. Yet a kitchen remodel is never truly complete without good lighting. Poor lighting can make a kitchen feel dark and drab. Great options these days include recessed lighting, glowing under-cabinet lighting, or chic hanging lights.

Choose a Trusted Contractor

Once it is time to put your plans into action and make your dream kitchen a reality, it is imperative that you choose the right people for the job. Trust an Ottawa contractor with a track record of quality workmanship and professionalism to bring your project to life.

Consider these factors and your kitchen remodel is assured to be a success. In no time, you’ll be cooking up a storm in a dream kitchen of your very own.