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As we come into Fall we often begin to realize that we are one step closer to our timely winters and need some fall maintenance for our homes. We want to take in the colour and beauty of the outdoors, all while preparing our nests (homes) for the eventual snowfall and colder temperatures. This often finds people in a compromising situation, we’ve spent our summers enjoying the warmth and heat (or trying to… did we get any of that this past summer?) and perhaps some… or a lot… of things in our homes have gotten neglected. 

Not to worry, it isn’t too late to start now. I’ve gone ahead and compiled a simple list of things you can begin to do now: in September/October to help you and your home make it through a classic Canadian winter.

  1. If you have a fireplace, you’re likely going to want to use it. But before you do, please be sure to have it checked. Especially if it is wood burning. Have it cleaned or serviced, this can save you from issue down the road.
  2. Many of us forget that our range hood fans need servicing. This is a good time to have it looked at as well.
  3. With the falling leaves, pinecones, nuts, etc. flying around it would be ideal to have your eaves troughs looked after. Make sure they’re been cleaned out.
  4. Your roof and flashing may have succumbed to the heat and varying temperatures we’ve had over the past few months, get up there and have a look, or get someone trusted to do so.
  5. This one is one that usually passes me by until the first week of frigid temperatures. Then I remember that my hose is still tied on outside! Please make sure you avoid any icy situations by turning off your outside water connections and putting your hose away for the winter.
  6. If you have any small shrubs/trees they may need some winterizing done. Not to mention any gardens or other landscaping, ensure that your outdoor space will be ready again for spring.

It still seems a bit early for some of these things but trust me, the sooner you take care of them, and the happier you will be that you have. If you are hiring a professional they do get busy at this time of year, for exactly those reasons. Book ahead! Then you can cozy up by the fire with a warm cup-a-joe, knowing your home has had all its fall maintenance needs.