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 As the cooler temperatures approach we often find that our clients are getting away from projects that involve opening up the house or tearing parts down and into fall home renovation projects instead. Naturally under the weather circumstances we find ourselves working within the home much more, whether it be kitchens, whole house renos, basements or similar projects. Basements in particular are so flexible. It can be used as storage, office area, additional bedrooms, entertainment space, etc. The most important and integral part of creating a basement space is ensuring it is waterproofed and well insulated. Using the correct R value in the walls and adding a good subfloor will not only save from headaches but will help make the space more comfortable overall. Since there are so many things you can do with a basement I thought to go over a few more popular uses:


In a basement we have so much useable space. The main limitations are bulkheads and mechanical systems, which can be made to look very minimal and take up very little space. A man-cave or bar can be an escape for anyone. Go down and watch the game, have a couple beer, entertain friends and guests. It is definitely a space that can be fun and decorative or sleek and simple. Bars are great because you can do so much.

For instance:


  • Pendants
  • Potlights
  • Back lighting
  • Cabinet lighting
  • Bar top lighting
  • Lighting at the seating area
  • Aisle strip lights
  • The list goes on

So many advances with LED lighting have made playing with light not only fun and unique but affordable. This is a topic of much discussion because you’re up front cost is often higher than a typical fluorescent or halogen type. However, your cost to operate and the infrequency of replacing the bulbs recovers and surpasses those costs in a short amount of time.

To touch a little more on this, coloured lighting can really add personality and style. If you like blues you can help enhance that sleek and modern style. Red is vibrant and bold. Yellow is cheerful and exciting. Etc.

As for bar-style and layout, it can vary from a small cozy nook to taking on the whole basement space. A simple galley style bar area, or a rounded more funky look. The cabinets or shelves you use make a great impact. Colour, style, wood-grain (if any). These all affect the look and final perspective of the space. For something modern a high-gloss finish will add shine and pop. The low lustre and distressed styles will create a rustic and more rugged appearance. The look is all about personal taste and what kind of space you want to create.

Guest/Additional bathroom

It’s possible the basement isn’t the first place you’d think about having a beautiful bathroom. However, the additional space in the home can definitely be used for the purpose of an additional bath. It is always convenient to have more bathrooms. If you happen to use your basement as a home gym, or have any spare bedrooms downstairs, the bathroom will not only be convenient, it will likely be a huge benefit. Resale value is always in favour of more bath spaces and especially ones that have been well thought out and aesthetically pleasing.

A few selections that can drastically change your space:

  • Tile
  • Flooring
  • In floor heating
  • Wall material (if any)
  • Lighting
  • Fixtures
    • Toilet
    • Shower
    • Tub
    • Vanity
    • Countertop
    • Mirror
    • Faucet(s)
  • Ventilation

There is quite a trend going on with saunas at home. A quick search online and you will find that more and more people are creating spa retreats at home. They are not simple in the sense, a DIY-er would be able to set one up in their basement however, done right, and they are a great benefit. It appears that people are beginning to realize that the busy North American lifestyle is causing health and other life problems. Why not start your return to tranquility and peace at home, in your basement?

Guest/Additional Bedroom

Of many reasons people add bedrooms, we find the most common are: for adolescents, guest bedrooms, finish the basement for resale. Of these reasons we find one thing in common; adding useable square footage to the home is a benefit. Basement bedrooms are great because they do not necessarily have to tie in with the rest of the home. They can be a little more unique or different, they are tucked away in a distant part of the home.

The main concern to consider here is the temperature. In colder climates the basement does tend to remain cool, even in the winter. Be sure to add ancillary units to provide a comfortable space. There is plenty of room for storage and many ways to do so. Built-ins, closets, floating shelves or perhaps custom cabinetry.

There are so many things that you can add personality with and create a fun and unique space

  • Paint colour(s)
  • Paintings/art work
  • High contrast
  • Bright light fixture
  • Focal point
  • Adding a fireplace for warmth
  • Texture with bedding
  • Colours of pillows and patterns
  • Tone and grain of a bedframe
  • Carpet/laminate/other flooring option
  • Drapery
  • Accent furniture

Creating a space for an adolescent to have to themselves, means the world to them. They are trying to figure out how to take on the world by themselves, spread their wings so to speak. Having a space where they can begin to create the independent lifestyle they are growing into is like a stepping stone in their lives. Yet you can still keep a mindful eye on them.