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Holland Homes and Renovations is now a certified installer of Nudura ICF foundations. ICF, or insulated concrete forms, are a type of foundation material for the home that offer superior insulating properties than traditional materials such as brick or concrete. In this post, we will take a look at what ICF foundations are, what advantages they offer over traditional materials, and how Nudura ICF foundations may be the best choice for your custom home in Ottawa.

What are ICF foundations?

ICF stands for insulated concrete forms. Think of these forms as Lego blocks that you use to piece together your foundation. The forms are made of two polystyrene (EPS) panels held together with connecting materials and secured with steel rebar. These insulated forms are assembled on site into their proper position for your home’s foundation and then filled with concrete.

What are the advantages of ICF foundations?

With the airtight seal provided by interconnected and insulated forms filled with concrete, air leakage is minimized and overall energy efficiency in the home is increased. Thermal bridging, a process where heat or energy is lost through the uninsulated space between the studs of the framed basement and the exterior basement wall, is also eliminated. This means not only a more comfortable and stable temperature in the home, but also savings on energy costs over the long term.

Additionally, no further insulation is required in the basement. Once the ICF foundation is placed and the concrete poured and cured, the basement is then ready for finishing without the need for additional insulation to be placed inside. For those looking to build a custom home, this means less contractors involved in the basement construction and a quicker build time due to a decrease in required steps for foundation construction and basement insulation.

Finally, ICF foundations also offer greater noise reduction capabilities than traditional foundation materials.

What are the disadvantages of ICF foundations?

ICF foundations require a certified installer. Since these are not traditional concrete or block foundations, a knowledgeable contractor is required to ensure the forms are placed properly and the building envelope is airtight.

Custom home building in Ottawa

Holland Homes and Renovations offers Nudura ICF foundations as part of our custom home building options for clients in Ottawa who are looking for superior insulating value and energy savings in their home. With the energy efficiency and insulating value that is gained by using ICF in your home’s building envelope, Nudura is a great option for providing that airtight seal around your home that is especially important with the winter we experience in Ottawa.

This is especially true if you are looking to finish your basement with an extra bedroom or recreation area where home comfort and a steady temperature will be a priority as the space will be frequently used. The insulating value of concrete poured between two insulated concrete forms creates a solid, monolithic mass of continuous insulation that will provide both longevity and energy savings.