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One of the most popular types of home renovation we get asked about in Ottawa is home additions. Many customers contact us at Holland Homes and Renovations when they are in the process of making a crucial decision: should we move from our existing home to find more space, or should we build an addition to our structure instead?

Most of the time, we find that customers do not wish to move from their existing homes as they are comfortable and generally pleased with their current arrangement. After all, there is a reason why you chose your current home to begin with: it suits you well in many areas that may not be replicated in a new house.

Growing Living Space Needs

However, as time goes on and needs change, additional space is desired and our current homes may start to inspire us to make a change.

This is where home additions become an attractive option, as they offer the best of both worlds: staying in the house where you are comfortable, and adding extra space in order to improve your existing situation. And of course, you get to avoid the hassle and stress of moving!

Ottawa Zoning By-Laws to be Aware of

While home additions are a very popular home renovation option in Ottawa, homeowners do need to be aware of what the City of Ottawa zoning by-laws are and what types of home additions are permitted by the city. That is why we will be discussing zoning by-laws all this month on the Holland Homes and Renovations blog.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for all the by-law information you will need, from the experts at Holland Homes and Renovations, before planning your next home renovation or addition here in Ottawa. If you have any plans to expand your home or would like a consultation with our renovation experts, contact Holland Homes and Renovations at [email protected] or call at (613) 725-7366 today!