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If your family is running out of room in your home, you don’t have to start scouring the real estate listings quite yet. An unfinished basement can be turned into a beautiful and functional space with the help of an Ottawa basement renovation company like Holland Homes and Renovations. Here are some tips to help plan a successful finished basement renovation:

Deciding on the Use of Space

Sit down and write a list of functions that your current house isn’t quite able to fulfill. Write down both very practical functions, like a laundry room, and more aspirational facilities, like a wine cellar. Give yourself flexibility. For example, a fully equipped gym with specialized rubber flooring and wall-to-ceiling mirrors can’t quite serve a second function if you never use it. An extra bedroom for your growing teen, on the other hand, could easily be converted into a guest room when he moves out for university.

Drafting a Floor Plan

Spend all the time you need resizing walls and rearranging the furniture on blueprints until you get the precise arrangement you prefer. This will better help you visualize the dimensions of the space, and is far easier than making changes once construction starts. Our basement renovations contractors can help you create plans and designs that account for all the important key factors like flow, lighting, and sound attenuation while solving your space issues.

Setting the Budget

Once you have a clearer picture of your wishes for your finished basement, next you need to set the budget. It’s important to know what can’t be skimped on (like plumbing, electrical, insulation, and moisture barriers) and where there is a little wiggle room (like with finishes). Your basement contractor will help identify materials and finishes that are attractive and durable but don’t break the bank.

Avoiding a Wet Basement

It is extremely important to make sure that your basement does not have a moisture problem before you begin the process of finishing the space. Inspect the space for warning signs of water damage and repair any cracks or gaps in the foundation walls or floor before the renovation begins. Taking the right steps beforehand will make sure your finished basement is safe and dry for years to come.

Understanding Challenges

Some basements have challenges like low ceilings, obstructive ductwork, or awkwardly placed supporting posts that can interfere with the renovation process. Your basement renovation contractor will inspect the space and come up with solutions that ensure a successful project, no matter the circumstances. When you know challenges beforehand, you can come up with a plan and there will be no surprises that will delay the project.

With all of these planning steps completed, you’re ready to launch into a basement renovation project. In just a few short weeks, your basement renovation contractor can transform a drab unused space into the star area of your home. Contact Holland Homes & Renovations today for your free no-obligation design consultation.