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Sometimes, it’s clear as day that you need home renovations. If the appliances are from the 50s and there is mould and mildew on every surface, then there’s no doubt that taking a sledgehammer to the space and starting fresh is a great option. Other times, it’s hard to tell whether you need full home renovations or the place just needs a bit of a facelift. Here are the top five signs you need home renovations:

1. Home Has Big Problems, But You Don’t Want to Move

Moving is never fun. Between the headache of house hunting, the stress of putting in an offer, the tiring process of packing, the backbreaking routine of moving, and finally the chaos of trying to settle into the new home…it’s a lot to take on. That’s especially true if you have young kids. If your home no longer suits the needs of your family, home renovations or additions can transform the space to solve every problem – without the frustration of moving.

2. There’s a Space Cramp

Are you and your family practically on top of each other? Do you have to battle for bathroom time? Can only one person work comfortably in the kitchen? Home renovations can solve all of these problems. At Holland Homes and Renovations, we can reconfigure the layout of the space to create more flow, or we can construct a home addition to add much-needed space.

3. The Home is So Outdated You Need Home Renovations

What was once the hottest wallpaper of 1961, or best wood paneling of 1974, or most attractive Formica countertop of 1986 no longer looks so great, does it? If guests snicker when they walk into your house, or your children invite friends over to tour this historic time machine…it’s time for an update. Home renovations can take you out of the 20th century and into the present with beautiful materials and designs that are built to last.

4. Want to Improve Value of the Home

A home isn’t just a place to stay, it’s a long-term investment. If you don’t nurture the home or treat it well, you’ll be disappointed with the return should you ever decide to sell. Home renovations are an investment in the value of the property. Cost-effective home renovations like updated flooring, fixtures, bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation, or the addition of a secondary dwelling all provide excellent return on investment.

5. Home is in Need of Repairs

Is your home drafty in the winter or stifling in the summer? Is there poor ventilation in the kitchen or bathroom? Is the basement damp and musty? Are the floors warped, the walls bowed, the tiles cracking? We can rip out the broken or inefficient elements and replace them with beautiful, eco-friendly, energy-efficient solutions that look wonderful and perform well.

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