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A waterfall countertop is usually found on kitchen islands. One of the most sought after features during any kitchen renovation is a kitchen island that really stands out. Providing extra counter space and entertaining space, kitchen island decisions during a renovation traditionally have involved size, color and material. However, one of the most popular features of kitchen island design over the past few years has been the usage of waterfall countertops. But what are they, and are they right for your kitchen renovation plans in Ottawa?

What are waterfall countertops?

Most commonly used on kitchen islands, waterfall countertops are defined by the countertop material (quartz, granite, stone, etc.) continuing down over the side of the island and connecting all the way to the floor. The impression given is that the countertop material is flowing over the side of the island, much like a waterfall flows over the edge at the end of a river.

Waterfall countertops replace the cabinet style ends of traditional kitchen islands and make the countertop material appear to be one solid piece that vertically connects to the floor.

Why choose a waterfall countertop?

One of the focal points of any remodelled kitchen are the countertops. While the material chosen for your countertops are important, the shape and style of the countertops are equally important in defining the look of your kitchen. Waterfall countertops embrace the focal nature of the kitchen island and provide a defining look for most kitchens. With a sleek and continuous look, waterfall countertops are a unique element that can ensure your kitchen renovation looks modern.

Waterfall countertops also hide appliances and barstools that fit underneath the overhang of your kitchen island countertop, giving your kitchen a cleaner and less cluttered feel. If you are planning to have an overhang and stools for a breakfast bar style kitchen island, or for extra seating while entertaining, a waterfall countertop is without a doubt a great way to conceal the stools while they are not in use and to visually frame the overhang so that it feels like one seamless piece.

In addition, anyone who has planned a kitchen renovation knows that the choice of material for the countertop is a key decision. With so many different styles and colors of countertops available today, waterfall countertops are a great way to really show off the countertop material you choose so that it is not just contained to the top surfaces of the kitchen island.

Do waterfall countertops have visible seams?

No. The production process uses a precise laser cutter to ensure that seams are invisible where the horizontal countertop meets the vertical piece, and so the countertop looks completely fluid and like it is one piece only. This production does come with a cost, however. Waterfall countertops will add to the budget of your kitchen renovation due to the fact that there will simply be more countertop material to use, and because the manufacturing and cutting process requires extra skill and care.

Your dream kitchen in Ottawa

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