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If you’re looking to expand your available floor space and transform the look of your home, there’s no better option than starting a home addition. To make sure the completed project matches your vision and suits your family’s needs, here are five questions you should always ask your contractor before starting your home addition:

What is the timeline?

Once your contractor has seen your property and understands the scope of the project, they can give you a timeline. You should know the start date and projected end point. Your contractor will also account for set-up and clean-up time and articulate a schedule. You can’t start construction until you have permits, and you can’t install drywall unless the mechanical systems behind the walls are in place, and so on. When you choose an organized and discipline contractor, they will follow a process and ensure that everything gets completed on time and on budget.

What are the estimated costs?

Your contractor will account for all of the factors involved with your home addition and create an itemized quote of estimated costs. You aren’t looking for the cheapest cost, but the highest-quality materials and construction at the most reasonable price. Your contractor will give you a line-by-line estimate of the materials needs and labour required to bring your home addition to fruition.

Do you have any concerns about starting your home addition?

Once your contractor has performed an initial assessment, they may identify certain concerns. While everyone would like the project to go perfectly smoothly, the reality is that some homes may be a bit more demanding. Your contractor may suspect that your older home has knob and tube wiring that will need to be upgraded, or that the foundation may need to be reinforced to support the weight of a bump-out home addition. If your contractor can identify concerns ahead of time, you can better account for the added time, materials, and expense.

Who will manage my project?

Some renovation companies are too large to truly care about bringing your dream project to life. You want to find a contractor that will personally manage your home addition, ensuring your vision is realized at every stage of the process. Trust a renovation company that has a small tight-knit team of qualified and skilled employees to deliver results with the highest quality of workmanship and professionalism.

Make sure you have satisfactory answers to these questions before starting any home addition project.