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Spring is the time of new beginnings. As flowers begin to bloom and all green things begin to grow, why not grow your home as well? Spring is the perfect season to build a home addition and adjust your home so it matches the changing needs of your family.

Planning Time

Picture yourself sitting in your brand new sunroom late this summer or relaxing by a warm fire in the comfort of your master retreat addition. To make that vision a reality, your project can’t start on August 1. If you want your home addition done right, it takes time. Your home renovations contractor will check zoning bylaws and file for the proper permits. They will investigate your soil composition and make sure the underlying soil can bear the weight of the new structure. They will also verify that the existing mechanical systems are sufficient to serve the addition. Before a single hammer is struck, your home renovations contractor will follow a meticulous process to ensure your home addition is planned and executed to perfection, but this takes time. Planning your home addition in the spring means you can enjoy your stunning new space sooner rather than later.

Supply and Demand

When you plan your home addition in the spring, there is less competition for the best materials. Prices for building materials fluctuate in concert with demand. If you’re trying to buy gorgeous oak hardwood flooring at the same time as everyone else, you might be paying more, waiting longer, or competing with others for the highest quality planks. When you plan your home addition in the spring, your home renovations contractor has time to amass the absolute best materials at the most reasonable price.

Your Project will be a Priority

Summer and early fall are the busy seasons for contractors, as homeowners all around the city seek to improve the functionality and look of their homes. By planning a home addition in the spring, you guarantee that your project is a priority. When you choose a medium-size company, the owners manage the addition and personally ensure that your vision is being turned into a reality throughout the entirety of the planning, design, and construction process.

If you want to enjoy a new entertaining space, a deluxe kitchen, or a stunning master bedroom retreat this summer or fall, start by planning your home addition this spring.