Is a Water Powered Sump Pump Right For Your Basement

Let’s take a look at how sump pumps work and if they are the right solution for your home here in Ottawa. A unique solution for municipal homes with sump pumps, water powered backup sump pumps are great devices that can protect your home from water damage in case of a power outage. Water Powered Water […]

About Radon Gas in Your Home

In this post, we will look at some of the basics of radon gas in your home and how you can manage the amount you are exposed to. Awareness of the effects of radon exposure on homeowners is becoming more commonplace today as new companies look to market products to protect your home from this […]

Nudura ICF Foundation Certified

NUDURA ICF FOUNDATIONS Holland Homes and Renovations is now a certified installer of Nudura ICF foundations. ICF, or insulated concrete forms, are a type of foundation material for the home that offer superior insulating properties than traditional materials such as brick or concrete. In this post, we will take a look at what ICF foundations […]

Window Insulation and Sealing Ottawa

One of the areas where you can really make a difference in your home’s insulating value, and your home’s energy bills, is window sealing. Ensuring your home has proper sealing and window insulation around the windows is a great way to prevent energy loss, water entry and high utility bills. Here are some items to […]

Asbestos and Mold Removal: Ottawa Home Renovation Concerns

What should you do if you have found mold or asbestos during your home renovation in Ottawa? This is a common problem faced by homeowners and contractors who are opening walls, ceilings, and basements as part of a home renovation project. In terms of asbestos, it will usually only be found in homes that were […]

Cold Basement? 5 Things You Can Do!

A cold basement is a common issue that perplexes homeowners who want to enjoy their basement living space without having to resort to space heaters or extra layers of clothing in the winter. Here in Ottawa, many homeowners use their basements as fully livable areas such as recreation rooms, work spaces or play areas. This […]