What’s the Difference between an Architect and Architectural Technologist

What’s The Difference Between An Architect And Architectural Technologist One of the most common questions when dealing with building code and building drawings is what is the difference between an architect and architectural technologist? Architectural technologists are concerned more with the technical and functional elements of the building, including building code, drafting and CAD, conceptual […]

Building Code Identification Number (BCIN)

You may wonder how the industry of building and home construction is regulated by the province. Ontario requires that many building designers and certain inspectors pass exams and become registered as practitioners. Each area of specialty has an exam and each practitioner must register for a Building Code Identification Number (BCIN) prior to taking an […]

Window Insulation and Sealing Ottawa

One of the areas where you can really make a difference in your home’s insulating value, and your home’s energy bills, is window sealing. Ensuring your home has proper sealing and window insulation around the windows is a great way to prevent energy loss, water entry and high utility bills. Here are some items to […]

Cold Basement? 5 Things You Can Do!

A cold basement is a common issue that perplexes homeowners who want to enjoy their basement living space without having to resort to space heaters or extra layers of clothing in the winter. Here in Ottawa, many homeowners use their basements as fully livable areas such as recreation rooms, work spaces or play areas. This […]

New Home Insulation Requirements for Basements

Have you considered the basement insulation requirements of your home? In our previous post on home insulation, we went over some of the basic insulation options available here in Ottawa. While choosing from batt, loose fill, board stock, spray foam and wet spray cellulose is a big decision for your home’s insulation, there are other […]

Retirement Living: Ottawa Coach Homes

Coach homes have arrived in Ottawa to much interest by homeowners who are looking to make more living space on their property. With some of these new types of dwelling starting to appear around Ottawa, you may have some questions about what exactly coach houses are and if they are a good option for seniors. […]