Setting Up Your Radon Home Test Kit

Since radon is invisible and does not have any smell or taste, the only way to measure its levels is by using a Radon home test kit. High levels of radon in the home can be hazardous for occupants over the long term. We know that radon is harmful and is even linked to lung […]

Nudura ICF Foundation Certified

NUDURA ICF FOUNDATIONS Holland Homes and Renovations is now a certified installer of Nudura ICF foundations. ICF, or insulated concrete forms, are a type of foundation material for the home that offer superior insulating properties than traditional materials such as brick or concrete. In this post, we will take a look at what ICF foundations […]

Cold Basement? 5 Things You Can Do!

A cold basement is a common issue that perplexes homeowners who want to enjoy their basement living space without having to resort to space heaters or extra layers of clothing in the winter. Here in Ottawa, many homeowners use their basements as fully livable areas such as recreation rooms, work spaces or play areas. This […]

Soil Issues Impacting Your Home Renovation

The soil surrounding your home is important to understand for purposes of structural integrity and also for its ability to handle water. Not all soil is created equal in terms of its ability to hold water and also its ability to hold the foundation of your home. While soil issues are not among the most […]

Foundation Waterproofing

Melting snow and heavy rain can lead to many problems for your home’s foundation. If your foundation contains any cracks, or does not have a proper drainage system, you may end up with a wet or leaking basement. In this final part of our Foundations series, let’s look at some of the waterproofing options available […]

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) and Slab on Grade

Last week, in the first part of our blog series on what you should know about your home foundation, we covered the basics of the two most popular choices for home foundations in Ottawa, concrete block and poured concrete. This week, we will look at two other types of foundations, Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), and Slab […]