Identifying Your Structural Walls

Structural walls bear the load of your home and support weight, including trusses, upper level floors and the roof.  With the popularity of open-concept renovations in Ottawa, it is essential to understand which walls in your home are load-bearing prior to starting any renovation. Since these are the essential supports for your home, you cannot […]

Hardwood Flooring: The Problems and Their Solutions

Solid Hardwood flooring is a popular choice in today’s new home construction and home renovations projects. With a variety of colors, sizes and species available to choose from, it is versatile and can meet the needs of many areas of the home. However, solid hardwood is a natural substance and as such, it can be […]

Ontario Building Code Home Insulation Requirements

Ontario Building Code Home Insulation Requirements In this post, we will look at two key Ontario Building Code changes for home regarding insulation requirements – continuous insulation and attic insulation. The building code in Ontario evolves over time to incorporate new standards and practices in the industry. One of the key areas of focus for […]

New Home Insulation Requirements for Basements

Have you considered the basement insulation requirements of your home? In our previous post on home insulation, we went over some of the basic insulation options available here in Ottawa. While choosing from batt, loose fill, board stock, spray foam and wet spray cellulose is a big decision for your home’s insulation, there are other […]

Soil Issues Impacting Your Home Renovation

The soil surrounding your home is important to understand for purposes of structural integrity and also for its ability to handle water. Not all soil is created equal in terms of its ability to hold water and also its ability to hold the foundation of your home. While soil issues are not among the most […]

Retirement Living: Ottawa Coach Homes

Coach homes have arrived in Ottawa to much interest by homeowners who are looking to make more living space on their property. With some of these new types of dwelling starting to appear around Ottawa, you may have some questions about what exactly coach houses are and if they are a good option for seniors. […]