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Your Ottawa home addition has a lot of moving parts to consider, not the least of which is making sure the new space blends with the existing home in a logical way that is also aesthetically pleasing. Follow these recommendations and your home addition will turn heads in all the right ways.

Complementary Roof Line

If the roof of your home addition has no similarities with your existing home, people will notice. When designing your home addition, it is wise to replicate the existing roof line. The primary factor to consider is the pitch of the roof, also known as the angle or slope. So if the existing home has a flat roof, or a sharply pitched roof, you will want to mimic this in the addition. Also match the roof shingles/material, soffits, eave depth, overhang etc. If these elements are looking a little worn down on the existing roof, this is a good opportunity to upgrade for a seamless exterior look.

Mimic or Complement the Siding

If you have the option, it is best to install the exact same siding material. However, this is not always possible if the existing siding has become quite weathered over time, like wood shingles. Vinyl siding often fades in the sunlight as well. You do not want to go through the expense of replacing perfectly good siding that just looks a little weathered, so instead opt for a complementary material. Give your Ottawa home addition an upgraded look with grey brick or stone that enhances the look of the existing home as well.

When to Differ

If there are architectural elements of your existing home that you dislike, you don’t need to mimic these in the addition. If there is something you dislike about the existing home, be it the siding or the window size or the roof angle, you can diverge and select a style that you prefer. Don’t choose design elements you hate just to blend with the original. Don’t be afraid to break the mould. Should you decide to sell, people with taste will appreciate your judgement in leaving the more outdated features behind.

When it comes to home additions, so much of the focus is on the interiors, and rightly so. You can match every baseboard and pinpoint the exact paint colours needed, but don’t neglect the importance of the exterior as well. That extra attention to curb appeal will pay off should you ever decide to sell the home.

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