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When you’re planning a home addition in Ottawa, you have two main options: building up or building out (or a combination of the two). Home additions that are built out expand the ground-floor footprint of the home, usually off the back or side. Building up involves adding a second storey above a garage or sunroom, or building dormers to create more useable space in a home with a pitched roof.

Compare Building Up or Building Out:

Which option is right for your home? Read these pros and cons and schedule a consultation with Holland Homes & Renovations and you’ll have your answer:

The Pros of Building Out

When you build out off of the existing home, the remainder of your home is left relatively undisturbed. You can continue living in the home with minimal disturbance, depending on the location and size of your addition project. Build out projects can usually be much more extensive than build-ups, because you don’t need to worry about adding weight to the existing home, dealing with the existing roof, and so on. Smaller additions like bump outs don’t need any foundation work, which makes for a quicker and easier project overall.

The Cons of Building Out

When you build out from the side or back of the existing home, you do lose some yard space (the bigger the addition, the more room you lose). You are also limited by the property line setbacks as determined by the zoning restrictions in the city of Ottawa. You may even require a zoning variance if your design plans exceed the regulations.

The Pros of Building Up

When you opt to build up instead of out, you will not lose any yard, and you do not have to worry about the restrictions on property setbacks. If you have a pool in your yard or expensive landscaping that you would not like to replace, building up becomes a viable option. Likewise, if you have a small yard to start with and cannot accommodate a large built out addition, building up offers another option for expanding your home.

The Cons of Building Up

Just as there are property setback restrictions, there are also zoning restrictions for maximum building height. This likely won’t apply for a second storey addition, but it is something to keep in mind. Remember that a staircase will take up valuable living space, and your existing space will be more disrupted during the renovation process.

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