17 Sep 2018
Continuous Insulation

The building code in Ontario evolves over time to incorporate new standards and practices in the industry. One of the key areas of focus for the building code lately has been on energy saving initiatives. One of the bigger changes has been related to insulation in new builds or additions with permits issued as of […]

10 Sep 2018
Architect vs Architectural Technologist

One of the most common questions when dealing with building code and building drawings is what is the difference between an architect and architectural technologist? Architectural technologists are concerned more with the technical and functional elements of the building, including building code, drafting and CAD, conceptual drawings and 3D models They also generally cost less […]

03 Sep 2018
BCIN Building Code Identification Number

You may wonder how the industry of building and home construction is regulated by the province. Ontario requires that many building designers and certain inspectors pass exams and become registered as practitioners. Each area of specialty has an exam and each practitioner must register for a Building Code Identification Number (BCIN) prior to taking an […]

27 Aug 2018
Sump Pump Backup

A unique solution for municipal homes with sump pumps, water powered backup sump pumps are great devices that can protect your home from water damage in case of a power outage. Let’s take a look at how these devices work and if they are the right solution for your home here in Ottawa. Water Powered […]

09 Aug 2018

Original article written by Allana Smith for the Ottawa Citizen. A home might be too expensive, too small or too big. Maybe it’s in the right location but outdated or the wrong location but modern and sophisticated. There are many reasons why finding a home is stressful and finding the perfect home is nearly impossible. […]

14 Jun 2018
Home renovation setbacks

When performing the work required for home renovations and home additions in Ottawa, there are frequently issues that can arise once the project starts that were not known during the initial design phase and consultation. The general rule that we try to remember when preparing for a home renovation or addition with our clients is […]