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If you love your neighbourhood but wish your home had more space, a home addition can offer you the best of all worlds. When you follow this checklist, your home addition can be executed to perfection from start to finish:

ü  Define Your Needs. Before any home addition project can begin, you need to know what problems you’re trying to solve. What spaces and features would you like to see included in your home addition? Account for your current needs, but also consider your future situation (like if you expect to have more children soon).

ü  Find a Qualified Contractor. Once you have outlined your needs, you can hire a contractor to bring the project to life. We are a boutique contracting company and have the resources and workmanship to execute your project to complete satisfaction, but we are also committed to providing a personal touch. The right contractor will communicate their plans for the project and give you a line-by-line quote estimating the cost of your home addition.

ü  Draw Up Plans. A home addition is only a fantasy until design plans are created. You can avoid the inflated costs associated with hiring an architect yet achieve the same results when you work with our talented team of designers, draftsmen, and structural engineers to come up with a desired blueprint.

ü  Secure Financing. It is important to line up your financial ducks before you begin your home additions project to avoid any snags. Give yourself a bit of buffer room to cover unforeseen costs, in addition to the amount outlined in the project estimate.

ü  Obtain Building Permits. According to the Ontario Building Code Act, you must obtain building permits before you can break ground on any home addition. Your permit makes sure everything is handled safely and your new addition fits in with the rest of the neighbourhood. Regular inspections will make sure all work and installation is up to code.

ü  Begin Construction. Your contractor and hard-working construction team can now get to work on making your home addition a reality. Every member of the team, from the project manager to our master carpenters and master electricians, will work diligently to complete the project to full satisfaction.

ü  Monitor Progress. The project manager is responsible for completing your home addition on time and on budget. They will provide you with a construction schedule and communicate any necessary updates about the timeline.

ü  Final Inspection. Once work is complete, all that’s left is a final inspection to examine the safety and stability of your new home addition.

ü  Enjoy your Home Addition. With all of the work completed and the final inspection signed off, you and your family can now enjoy the gorgeous new space.