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Second storey additions are a great way to expand the livable footprint of your home without having to relocate. Often, older homes are in great neighbourhoods but are a bit too small to accommodate our modern space needs. Whether you want to add an additional storey to a bungalow or split-level home or install dormers on a pitched roof to expand the upstairs living space, second storey additions are popular for good reason. Here’s everything you need to know about creating the perfect second storey addition:

Extra Space

Second storey additions allow you to enjoy extra living space without having to go through the hassle or expense of house hunting, moving, and getting established in a new location. Whether you need more space for the kids, want to have a home office, or want to treat yourself with an elegant master suite, there can be something for everyone with a second storey addition.

Add Value

When you invest in a second storey addition to your home, you automatically add to the value of your home. Should you decide to sell in the future, your investment will pay dividends in multiple ways. Expect to receive more attractive offers than you would have pre-renovation. Your home will also be in higher demand because of the additional living space, number of bedrooms, or inclusion of a home office or extra bathroom. These features don’t just make your home more inviting to you, they will also attract desirable buyers down the road.

Stay Home

Often, it is only space requirements that cause people to move on and search for a new home. They feel rooted in the community and don’t want to leave, but simply need a bigger space. A second storey addition allows you to stay in the same place without uprooting your family. When you choose a second storey addition, you get the larger home you desire with none of the stress of moving away.

What to Include in a Second Storey Addition

Everyone’s space requirements are different, and you and your family can decide what features you need in a second storey addition. Perhaps you are expecting and would like to build an extra bedroom to accommodate the new addition to the family. If your family’s morning routine is chaotic with everyone fighting for bathroom time, your second storey addition can include a modern and spacious bathroom. Or, you can pamper yourself with an elegant master suite, complete with a custom-built walk-in closet and contemporary ensuite with a standalone soaker tub and rainfall shower. When it comes to creating a second storey addition, our talented team can make any design ideas come to life.